By Dennis McFetrich

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What makes us so different to other bait companies is our drive to produce the very best carp catching boilies on the market.

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We use top quality, fresh ingredients at the right levels and combinations to give a unique profile within our mixes. When it comes to our flavours, these are used at low levels with the emphasis on the back note enhancer’s. Giving each bait that truly rounded and consistent flavour. This is key in getting carp to return to baited areas to find and eat your bait.  

All of our baits are designed to be a food source containing proteins, carbohydrates and natural oils that carp need to maintain a healthy being.

Whatever you choose, rest assured that your bait is rolled and made to order ensuring its quality and freshness.

Take a look our latest bait to our range…the awesome FF3

Our NEW FF3 is now available!

So what makes our bait so special? Dennis McFetrich spills the beans.

A little bit special

MCF Baits boss Dennis McFetrich discusses his views on bait.

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