By Dennis McFetrich

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Special baits

For those of you who maybe a little bamboozled by the sheer volume of bait companies on the market, I wanted to give you my thoughts on what makes our bait a little bit special.

I have made my own bait for more years than I care to remember, buying ingredients from various manufacturers (not bait companies) to produce some of the baits that are in my range today. I must admit that selling bait commercially was never in mind, however after demand from friends and fellow anglers I took the plunge.

The real difference between the way ‘we’ produce bait than a lot of other companies is its freshness plus the quality of our base mix ingredients and flavours. There is NO room for out of date, rancid products in MCF baits. This is vitally important to us! We produce baits with the right level of attractants that fish will eat and then keep coming back for more.

We use meticulously chosen bird foods, fishmeals, liver bye products, milk powders, naturally pressed extracts and oils with several ingredients that unfortunately I will not list. Combine these with some of the best well proven flavours that money can buy which are added to the bait at the correct levels to give maximum attraction.

A problem I see with a number of commercially produced boilies is the high levels of cheap flavours that are added to the bait, so much so that you can smell it through the incredibly expensive plastic bags they are supplied in. Looking at some of the mixes I see in these bags, I should think the packaging is a better buy than the bait that is actually in it!

Our bait is not cheapest on the market. However, like all good baits you do not need much of it to get a bite. Five to six handfuls is usually enough to get the fish looking for it. What is rewarding for us is that we do attract some of the best and acute anglers who want a bait they have complete faith in, with guaranteed consistency from batch to batch.

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